Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Louis Farrakhan...Minister of God or Hypocrite?...

I liked this one and it didn't get much air time so here it is again. JC... The Nation of Islam! That title sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Here's Louis Farrakhan on the tenth anniversary of the million (black) man march.

"We are inviting our Brothers and Sisters in the Latino community, because they are our family and we have similar issues. Where there are similar issues, we need to form strategic alliances for economic and political power.

We are inviting our Native American family and the poor of our people, for when all of us unite, organize, mobilize and strategize, then we can make America a country of the people, by the people and truly for the people."

Do you notice anyone missing in the quote above?
This is what it should have said;"...America a country of the (black) people, by the (black) people and truly for the (black) people."

You know what's fun is to be able to ask such a question and have the 'minister' himself answer it. What a hypocrite Farrakhan is. He claims to represent love and mercy but if you read him closely, you'll see he is just another racist.

"Yeah, but he preaches so many good things for the black people; pay your child support, get a job, don't rob or kill anyone, etc., etc., and,-oh yes,- etc...
Someone explain to me how you can preach love and the rest of the good stuff and not include everyone, like white people, for instance?

Let's face it-Farrakhan and his whole troupe are just a bunch of racists and, like all Muslims, are interested in eliminating all white Christians and Jews from everywhere.

Notice how the minister includes the name of Jesus in with Mohammed. (Jesus was a living God-Mohammed was an Arab who thought up Islam @500 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) And he (Ferrakhan) quotes Biblical passages supposedly spoken by either Mohammed or Jesus.
I should say, mis-quotes them. He says 1st Corinthians 7/14 talks about helping your brother when, in fact, it speaks of wives and husbands.

Hey, Farrakhan, why not list your organization as a branch of the naacp. Or at least have a dis-claimer at your front door that says, "Blacks only- No Whites Need Apply!"

Hey, Ferrakhan, have you co-ordinated your future plans to coincide with Al Qaidas' plans for an 'Islamic World in 15 years?'

I wonder if, in Heaven, there is a "white side of the tracks"?



Blogger bigwhitehat said...

Jim this must have annoyed you today. I can't believe you posted it. This aint nothin' new! Calypso Louis has been the same for years. He is an insignificant plebe. And he is not worthy of your attention.

1:43 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

Ditto to bwh's comment.

6:53 PM  
Blogger CA said...

I don't think being the leader of a couple of million black American muslims can be considered "insignificant." Back in the 18th century England considered the "colonies" insignificant. 'ooops'

Ignoring the threat of Calypso Louie isn't dealing with the rising problem of 'islaming' this country.
I remember back in July of 1953, a young man was arrested and sent to prison for trying to incite a revolution in another country. He was considered 'insignificant' at that time. Who
was this squirt? Fidel Castro.

10:47 AM  

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