Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How Long Will We Lie To Ourselves?...

How long will we lie to ourselves about Saudi Arabia, The Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and all the rest of the Muslim countries being our friends and allies?

We lost how many soldiers during the first Gulf War stopping Saddam from taking those countries over and how many soldiers during this war to free Iraq from the oppression of Saddam? How many?

None of those people are our friends. They have recently all spoken up and told us we couldn't use their property to launch airplanes against Iran for sneaking Iranian terrorists across the border with Iraq and killing our soldiers . They won't go against their Arab 'Brothers' no matter what happens! Muslims are not our friends! Not the ones in Iran! Not the ones in Iraq! Not the ones in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Arab Emirates, Qatar or the United States of America!

We've already lost too many good Americans protecting those Muslim bastards who would like nothing better than to see us and Israel burn to the ground.

Now the latest report is the Islamists are training kids to blow up Americans right here at home! And they're teaching them to hate us in Muslim schools right here in the US of A!

Why don't we deport all the Muslim dogs back to the Middle East then NUKE the whole fucking bunch? It's gonna come to that, mark my word! Anyone who can't see that is pure stupid!..Starting with Bush, the King of Stupid!



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