Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pondering the Fate of the Nation...

I wrote this poem for no particular reason; I just wanted to write something different. But when I read it over again, I realized it refers to the new president of this country. These could be (and probably are) his deep hidden thoughts. And they fit!


I sit alone a lot and think about this joke that I refer to as my 'life,'
And wonder where I am in it; I wonder where I'll go when it is through.
I have to put a smile on whenever other people come around;
A smile that's just a lie,-that's only what my soul says I should do.

It's easy to pretend that everything I see is right and I'm content
But deep within I know that that pretense is coming from so far inside
That I may never really understand what makes me feel the way I do;
I couldn't understand the truth of this old world,-not even if I tried.

I'll wake up in the morning and start my day the way I did before,-
Putting on this strange facade,-pretending I am happy with my fate,-
But always knowing in my gut that sometimes, somewhere way down deep inside,
My life is just a joke; the cloak I wrap around myself each day is hate.

But I'll start up again and fool the world and all the crazy clowns within it
Into thinking I am someone who is happy to be with them all.
I let them think that they are people; friends that I can know and really love;
But now I'm glad that I'll be there to see them trip and watch them as they fall!



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