Sunday, September 18, 2005

Satan - III...At It Again...

It looks like Satan is back and at it again. Not the guy with a pitchfork and a long tail but the guy from Arkansas who did his best to get this nation destroyed for eight years!

"Clinton launches withering attack on Bush on Iraq, Katrina, budget"

I can't imagine this guy criticizing anyone but I'm not surprised. The man he's criticizing is the son of his (Clintons) best friend, Bush senior.

I'd like to see one of the Bush men grow some balls for a change!

Here's a guy (Clinton) who was the most immoral, foulest and most traitorist person to ever inhabit the white house.

Here is a man who was accepting a blow job from Monica Lewinski while he was on the phone with the Pentagon discussing the fate of American soldiers in Kosovo.

Here is a man who violently raped Juanita Broaddrick by holding her bottom lip (he got it into his mouth during a kiss) between his teeth and biting down on it each time she attempted to stop his sexual assault on her.
After he finished raping her, he patted her on the shoulder and told her that her lip looked bad and she should have a doctor take look at it.

Here is a man who, in all probably, ordered the murder of Vince Foster, an associate of his from Arkansas. The theory is, Foster got a conscience about what the Clintons were doing and became a liability to them. Hey, this wouldn't be the first time someone the clintons didn't like disappeared.

Then there is the Loral episode. It seems Loral hired Communist China to launch a missile for them because the Chinese were cheap compared to anyone else.

The problem was, though, the justice department was already investigating Loral for doing the same thing before without clearing it with the U S of A. (They have to clear it to assure there would be no security risk to the US)

Oops, says Loral. sorry about that, and they put it on hold.
However, some there said, "Hey, I know someone in the White house. I'll talk to him."

That someone was Bill Clinton (the man who had just accepted 400,000 bucks from the Red Chinese military as a campaign contribution)
"Well," says Bill, "You folks just go ahead and if anyone says anything, tell them to see me." And that's what they did.

Now comes the good part.
The missile guidance for the missile that the Chinks launched was classified as top secret, a possible national security risk to us if it got into the wrong (Chinese) hands.Until now, the Chinese couldn't aim their missiles more than a thousand or so miles; they couldn't send one to the US because they didn't have a guidance system.

*When the missiles are launched, if something goes wrong on the launch and the missile fails, there are five Amnerican inspectors who must be allowed to go to the crash site and retrieve crucial pieces of equipment, such as guidance systems before anyone else can go there.*

Guess what? The missile of Lorals' was launched and went just far enough to land in a village and kill a bunch of people!

Guess what else? It was over an hour before the Americans were allowed in to the crash sit.

Guess what again? You got it! When they got there, the missile guidance system equipment had mysteriously disappeared. And we also lost an encoding chip. Below is a quote from the article:

"The failure of the Long March allowed the U.S. to recover the sealed satellite guidance box, which revealed the control board of radiation-hardened chips was missing. The missing board from the Loral Intelsat satellite is no mystery. It quickly became obvious that Chinese engineers removed the special electronics and kept the board for examination. The stolen Loral electronics consist of radiation hardened, encrypted telemetry chips, stored in a secure flight control box similar to those found on airliners. The NSA changed all U.S. satellite codes as a result of the stolen Loral chips, costing American taxpayers millions of dollars."

This is the guy who is criticizing George W. Bush and playing grab ass with old man Bush!

Now, one more thing. An organization called, Juducial Watch, that was headed by Larry Klayman, claimed to have the goods on the Clintons. They said they had @60 charges against them and would poste-haste pursue prosecutions against them as soon as Bill was out of office; please send money!
I hope you kept your money. So far it has been just hot air. Klayman is gone-out of it and someone more clean cut looking is running the show now.
I just sent him an e-mail to see if anything has happened yet or if they were paid off. I wait for the answer with bated breath!

If you, in your infinite wisdom, did send money to Judicial Watch, please send some to me, too, and I'll do as much as they have, which, as near as I can see, is naught-zilch-nada-nolo-zip-nothing! And I can use the money!



Blogger sandy said...

I'm going to send you the same amount of money I sent Judicial Watch.

You spend it wisely now!

8:42 PM  
Blogger pappy said...

I agree, The guy has no respect for anyone. Maybe we can get barbara to slap him.

12:27 AM  

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