Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Obama's Dimestore 'Mein Kampf'...

This is a very interesting and informative article written by Ann Coulter. It really deserves a reading by anyone who is curious about the presidential want-to-be, Barack Obama. And it's pretty scary.

This is an excerpt:

"In college, Obama explains to a girl why he was reading Joseph Conrad's 1902 classic, "Heart of Darkness": "I read the book to help me understand just what it is that makes white people so afraid. Their demons. The way ideas get twisted around. I helps me understand how (white) people learn to hate."

By contrast, Malcolm X's autobiography "spoke" to Obama. One line in particular "stayed with me," he says. "He spoke of a wish he'd once had, the wish that the white blood that ran through him, there by an act of violence, might somehow be expunged."

Forget Rev. Jeremiah Wright -- Wright is Booker T. Washington compared to this guy!

Maybe I will read,"Mein Kampf." Maybe it'll help me to understand Barack Obama; before it's too late!



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