Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Vote For Obama?...

'oops'...No one knows why they intend to vote for Obama.

"Because he isn't going to raise taxes on me."

When the new year begins, the tax reduction of the Bush administration will lapse. Obama will let it lapse. Guess what?!? That's an immediate tax increase!...'duh'

"We need change."

The only change Obama has said he'd make is: "Raise Taxes!" That and his $900,000,000,000 additional spending plan for his term! Okay...

"Obama will only tax the 'rich;' only people earning over $250,000 a year."

Guess What!?! Over seventy percent (I can throw figures around as well as the next fellow)of small businesses make over $250,000 a year! So, if you intend to go into some sort of small business, be sure to limit your work to two days a week! Or don't be surprised when you get a 'pink slip' from where you work now because of the 'non' tax increase! And don't whine! You axed for it!

"Because Obama the Great said he would RAISE TAXES on the upper income people and companies that I really am jealous of and I hate those people for being so talented (unlike me, the klutz) and hardworking and being "all that they can be" and succeeding! So there!-pooh!

Okay, that makes sense but don't whine when one of those companies (probably the one you work for) start sending out pink slips and the first one has your name on it!lol

*An asterisk: When Mi Espousa, La Donna d'el Nebraska (a little Mex lingo here) and I owned our truck and leased on with Bekins Van Lines in 1976, we grossed just over $120,000(at today's rate:$1.00 in 1976 had about the same buying power as $3.80 in 2008.) and never had any money left over after paying for fuel, insurance, maintenance and local and federal taxes. And we rarely had a day off. In three years with Bekins, we took the kids to Disneyland once and that was our only vacation. Most days not working were spent cleaning or repairing and servicing the truck and tires. I did the brake jobs myself at a cost of $87.00 per set of duals (two wheels) to save paying $250 to have it done. At todays' rate, that would be over $450,000 a year! We never had money left over for more taxes! End of asterisk.*

"He'll make sure we are all covered by medical insurance!

"Okay, just sign here and we'll let you know which hospital (or clinic) to go to and which days you can go. -Stop whining,-we have three hundred million other people who are sick, too. And don't forget, Canadians need specialized care, too, and they pay cash for it and we need the money! Now, shut up and sit down!"

Well, I may have under-exaggerated a bit but you'll soon find out for yourself if Obama the Nothing gets into the Black House...'oops'..a Freudian slip..ummm...

Oh, yes, I saw a picture on the Drudge Report of Christ or Michael the Archangel or someone Holy in the image of Obama. How far will this guy will go? First the Great Seal of the United States, now Almighty God...Pardon me while I puke!



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