Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well, One Is Down the Tube...

What a pleasant way to spend an hour; watching Senator McCain instruct Senator Obama on how to run a country! I understand Senator Obama was supposed to agitate John McCain and try to get under his skin. It's too bad someone didn't tell Obama. The Dems must have accidentally told that to McCain instead.

I remember when I turned 12 and thought I knew everything (I didn't know everything until age 13) and stumbled across a grownup who really did know a few things. I'd spew a few quasi-facts (actually, opinions)and feel proud about knowing all those neat things and wait for the cringe I knew would come from the ..'choke'

'oops'...That's when I first learned how Barack Obama felt last night.

It depended on the adult at the time as to how quickly I would have (if I had had one) tucked my tail between my legs and slowly crept away.

I could almost feel a little sorry for the defeated Senator from Illinois if he hadn't been so obtuse as to claim victory from having been routed.

It reminded me of an old friend of ours, another Hussein, (Saddam) who, after having been driven back from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and all those other places (whose leaders are supposed to be our friends..-yeah, sure!)and not actually getting killed in the first Gulf war, said,"Hurray,-I won!"

The Fox text message poll at the end of the fiasco..-er,-um,..debate had McCain as the winner by a margin of 84% to Obamas' 14% with the rest undecided. (The undecideds must have been Obamas' staff)

Well, (I say that a lot, like Ronald Reagan did) maybe the next time Obama debates (if he still wants to) we should let him try his luck with Governor Palin instead. Maybe with her, Obamas' losing margin will be a bit closer;-but not much!

Now I'm anxious to see how Biden does in his debate with Governor Palin. I just hope neither Biden nor Obama has given up their jobs in the senate.



Blogger Raindogs said...

the "defeated Senator from Michigan" is actually from Illinois....

8:09 PM  
Blogger J C said...

Right! Thanks for noting that. I was confused by the ?tempo of the debate. Please extend my apology to Michigan...I wouldn't have made that mistake purposely and there was no offense intended.

8:32 PM  

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