Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain/Obama Forum...

Donna and I are watching the McCain/Obama forum. I just watched the McCain portion of the forum and I must say, it was a bit interesting. It didn't tell me anything about the man than I didn't already know. The questions were varied and McCains' answers were, for the most part, short and succinct. I enjoyed the program but thought the questions might have been a bit more aggressive.

Now I am listening to Senator Obama and many of the same questions are being asked that were asked of McCain. Mr Obamas' answers are anything but short or succinct.

A question was asked of Obama and Donna (Mi Espousa- a little Mex Lingo here) and I listened intently for a while and, after a while, Donna looked at me and asked, "What was his question?" I had to think for a moment and remembered the question and told her.

Both men's answers were very good; mostly the same answers to the same questions. The biggest difference was, we could follow McCains answers easily but were hard pressed to follow Obamas answers because of the length and meanderings of his answers.

Oh, and by the way, Senator Obama is coming around more and more to Senator McCains way of thinking about just about everything. 'Yay'



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