Thursday, August 07, 2008

Around in Circles...

Remember when we were kids and played a game where we ran around in circles, or just spun around in circles, then tried to stand still without falling? It was fun for me! I really enjoyed it!

I do recall how hard it was to stand in one spot without falling or running sideways. And how thrilling it was when I could actually walk a few steps forward without falling over! What a feeling!

When I played this game, as well as some other games, I always wanted to pick some special person to play it with me. I knew which kids were the most likely to not do as well as I did and those were the ones I picked. The worse they were, the better it made me look and feel!

"So,where is all this going,"'you ax?
Well, (I say that a lot) I'll tell you. As I watch Barack Obama pretend to be president with his trips to foreign countries, refuse to visit our wounded troops because he can't take the media with him for photo-ops and change his agenda to coincide with the direction in which the wind blows today and all the other slip-ups, lapses, come-abouts,and all his gaffs and 'oops's', I can't help but wonder when he will stop the spinning and try to walk in a straight line and whom he will choose to play the game with him!

It'll have to be someone who will be worse than he is and couldn't be as 'everything good' as he, the anointed demigod, the supreme changling is or could ever be. (How about that Hillary Clinton!)

Yeah, sure! Today Hillary as Vice President; tomorrow Hillary as President-Bill as Vice President; the next day; Bill as President (again); Hillary as VP, etc., etc., on and on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseam!

Why is it that all this spinning makes me want to up-chuck! Could it be the subject of this missile, whether me or he; more likely, he! Now I need a cool, damp cloth..uuuggggghhhhhhmmmpp-too late...



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