Saturday, May 17, 2008

Americas' Coward...

When there is someone who has my fate in his (or her) hands and that person sees a bad situation and does nothing about it, that person is either stupid or a coward.

Someone could have richly enhanced my (our) life and refused to do it. I am referring to our president, Mr Bush. I hesitate to call him stupid so I must call him a coward.

Mr Bush just finished a game of patty-cake with the leader of Saudi Arabia, who, also, is the leader of OPEC, the oil producing nations who now have the United States enslaved. (along with Communist China)

"US President George W. Bush said on Saturday that a hike in oil output by Saudi Arabia would not solve American energy problems."

That, of course, is a lie. It would lower the price of oil and gas to us consumers. The king of Arabia is the leader of OPEC and he could 'strongly suggest' all members lower their prices of oil and they would do it.

Our president should remind Arabia that we sent troops to fight and die so Saddam wouldn't take over Arabia. He should tell the king or prince or whatever he is that, if they don't lower their price, we will pull out all of our military and the next time someone attacks Arabia, we won't help them.

We also could cut off all our produce exports to them or charge them as much for our grain as they do for their oil.

But he won't tell them that because he's a coward. He's afraid of Muslims, our enemies.

"Our problem in America gets solved when we aggressively go for domestic exploration..."

He's talking about ANWAR oil and off coast drilling and he's trying to make us think he is really trying to do something there. He is, of course, lying about that. The President of the United States could issue an Executive Order opening Alaska and off shore sites for oil exploration and drilling and the senate nor anyone else could keep that from happening! But he won't because he's a coward.

George Bush is a liar and a coward and he cares less about the welfare of the American People. He is just sitting on his ass, biding his time until he can pass the hard stuff on to someone else!

George, you're a disgrace to this country and I'm really sorry I voted for You!



Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Yes, I voted for him too....It was either him or John Kerry and there is no way I was going to vote for John Kerry......

America has become too dependent on other countries for oil...We need to drill and do it now. What is ironic is that the Democrats are screaming about the higher gas prices, but it is because of them that we are there. We haven't been able to build a refinery in Yearsssss and they won't agree to let us drill. I could go on and on but I don't have enough space to write it all down....

3:44 AM  

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