Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Ever Happened to Black Americans?...

"Sharpton vows to 'close this city' after officer acquittals..."

"NEW YORK (AP) - Hundreds of angry people marched through Harlem on Saturday after the Rev. Al Sharpton promised to "close this city down" to protest the acquittals of three police detectives in the 50-shot barrage that killed a groom on his wedding day and wounded two friends..."

"We strategically know how to stop the city so people stand still and realize that you do not have the right to shoot down unarmed, innocent civilians," Sharpton told an overflow crowd of several hundred people at his National Action Network office in the historically black Manhattan neighborhood. "This city is going to deal with the blood of Sean Bell."

What the hell is happening to twenty percent of Americans? I mean black Americans? Have they all (except for Bill Cosby) gone crazy?

Before I was born, quite a while before I was born, black people were "niggers".

After I became old enough to start school, black people were "colored people." My mother slapped me in my mouth one time because I called a colored boy a nigger. She said, "Don't ever let me hear you say that again. Those are colored people and they're as good as we are!"

When I was in the army in 1953, I shared a pup tent with a colored guy named Anderson. I never much thought anything about his (or my) color. We got along great and were friends.

Then some blacks decided that the term, "colored", was derogatory and opted instead for "black." And people like the Black Panthers decided they were better than white people. Well, I thought, they're just a bunch of trouble makers and this will pass.

And Martin Luther King came along and helped colored people a lot. He taught them how to insist on their rights. He was a great man.

Then there are Al Sharptons; and Pastor Jeremiah Wrights; and Louis Farrakhan; and now, I really believe, Barack Obama, who is much, much more subtle than the others.

This is an excerpt from the article about the shooting.

..."When Mr. Bell seemed to try to flee or ram the officers with his car, the police said, the officers opened fire, killing him and wounding the two friends in a barrage of 50 bullets. The officers said they believed they were being fired upon, but no gun was found in the car..."

Evidently, Mr Bell tried to run over a police officer who ordered him to stop. And someone else in the car called for a gun. That sounds like imminent danger to me.

Someone said that if the officers had waited for a few more minutes, they would have seen there was no danger. Of course, if they were wrong, then some of them would have been killed.

I'm sorry but it seems black people nowadays don't respect the law or think they are subject to it.

I believe if Mr Bell had been a white man, all of this hullabaloo would not be happening. If OJ had been white, he would be forever asleep now. If Kobe had been white, he'd be in prison. Poor old Mike got screwed because he abused his wife, a black celebrity, instead of a white woman.

You black Americans need to dump the Sharptons, Farrakhans and Wrights (and Obama) and decide if you want to be Americans or what. If you do then you need to act like Americans and stop letting yourselves be intimidated and enslaved by the Sharptons, Farrakhans and Wrights, people who never stop spewing hate toward white America.

If you just want to hate someone, you should hate the Muslims, people who want us all dead, black and white alike.

Black Americans, GET OVER IT! No one owns slaves and no one alive ever has or wants to!

For me, there are no different colors, only different minded people; those who are black or white Americans and those who are African-Americans! Be American or be African. You cannot be both!



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