Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time For a Choice...

Folks, it's coming up on the time for a choice. I've been following politics for about 48 years (since the advent of JFK) and I cannot recall when we, the people, have had less from which to choose when it is about presidential candidates.

I've been a Republican since the death of Kennedy (I voted for him) and my opinion is, we have a terrible choice to make this time.

I do not like John McCain but, in comparison to Clinton and Obama, two people who are completely filled with lies and deceit, he looks pretty good. (and that's not saying much)

My criticism of McCain is that he is much too liberal for me, a far right conservative. But it is becoming all too clear that neither Obama or Clinton can be believed. Both of them have been caught in lies. Not just a few but many.

It is my experience that a person who will tell a little lie will also tell a big one if it suits his or her purpose. Both Clinton and Obama are two of those people.

If I were a Democrat, I would vote for John McCain just to keep Clinton and Obama from winning this crucial race. And that's no lie!

I have not trusted Hillary since she failed to separate herself from Bill when he was caught in an adulterous situation. What a terrible lesson for their daughter to learn, that anything is all right as long as you can get away with it and nothing is too vulgar and foul if accepting and condoning it will further your own goal, as I am sure Hillary believes.

And Mr Obama has proven himself to be a bigoted racist of the worse kind because of his friendship and alliances with the Pastor Wright a man who admittedly blames white people for every bad thing a black has ever done, and William Ayers, a leader of the radical Weather Underground, which in the 1970s carried out numerous bombings, including one inside the U.S. Capitol and, last but not least, Mr Farrakhan, the leader of the black Nation of Islam, another group of 'Americans' who wants whitey dead.

Oh, I almost forgot! Senator McCain's wife hasn't filed her financial report yet! Bummer!

Well, that's it for me, Republican or Democrat; I've been both. It's a tough call but, as I said, I'd have to pick McCain for this one even if I were a Democrat, Think about it.



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