Thursday, May 08, 2008

Obama Embraces New Caustic Pastor...

"Can you imagine the president of the United States attending a church where the pastor says everyone has a bit of “thug” in him and praises a rapper with a criminal record as a prophet?

How about a pastor who calls the biblical patriarch Abraham a “pimp” and says Noah and Moses were thugs, Jesus has a “soft spot for thugs,” and everyone has some “thug proclivities.”

One of the new pastor's heros (prophets) is Tupac Shakur,(now deceased) a convicted felon and a "gangesta-rapper".

"...To applause, Moss approvingly cites Tupac Shakur, (check out this video of Moss's adoration of the 'gangsta rapper') a “gangsta” rap star with a long arrest record. Before being fatally shot in a drive-by attack in Las Vegas in 1996, Shakur faced a 120-day sentence for probation violations stemming from offenses including assault and battery and a 1994 sexual abuse conviction in New York. Shakur served 11 months in prison for his involvement in the sexual attack on a 21-year-old woman in a New York hotel room. Judge Daniel P. Fitzgerald of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan described it as “an act of brutal violence against a helpless woman.”

I cannot believe anyone would vote for Barack Obama for president! Please read this entire article. It seems to me, the only thing that has changed is the name of the pastor.

Obama is an enemy to this nation and whoever votes for him deserves the consequences!

PS...Obama's church IS NOT a true Church of Christ! It is a place to foment hatred toward white people! The Churches of Christ of America teach love and respect for all and love of Jesus. It's members are of all races and neither race nor hatred is ever an issue in its sermons!



Blogger Lucy Stern said...

He was hoping people wouldn't notice....

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