Monday, June 02, 2008

Tell It Like It Is...Obama quits Trinity UCC...

Well, there it is. Mr Obama is finally quitting the United Trinity Church of Christ. (not a real Church of Christ) Now is he doing this for Jesus, because of the hatefilled rhetoric of the church's former pastor, Mr Wright, to defend the image of the House of God and defend the image of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; Or is he doing this to make himself a better candidate for the Presidency? Your guess is probably as good as his.

One time, after Muhammad and his band of killers conquered a small village and completely subdued it, a poet of that place wrote a not too complimentary poem about Muslim women. Muhammad was so pissed, he wanted that man dead but didn't want to do it himself so he axed his followers which of them would volunteer to murder the man who had offended Islam and him, the most holy prophet of allah.( He always called himself that so as to have an excuse to kill anyone he didn't like--or have it done)
A man said he'd do the job and he gave it a shot but the poet was a popular person and the would-be murdered couldn't get the fellow alone long enough to off him. He went back to the most holy prophet of allah and told him he needed to lie to the man and decieve him in order to get the murderee in a position to be murdered. The most holy prophet of allah said it would be all right to lie and decieve if it would help the cause of islam, the bull shit ideology Muhammad had thought up as a righteous way to kill Jews and Christians.

And so, with Muhammads' blessing, the follower of Muhammad lied to and decieved the innocent poet and got him alone and did, indeed, murder that man.

I know Barack Obama says he isn't a Muslim but his actions regarding his once beloved church and his now no longer beloved pastor, Mr Wright, the man who hates America, white people and rich people (who are white and that, of course, excludes him since he has used the church to become a zillionaire)make me wonder if he may be using whatever his religious conviction is to help him get into a position to make major color changes in this United States of America.

I ain't saying Obama is or isn't a Muslim but either wouldn't surprise me none.

And I cannot put much credence in what a man says who gives up what he has claimed to be his sacred religion just because, after twenty years of attending his church, he finally paid attention to a hate filled sermon and, in order to remain the demigod he has become to libs and dems, must denounce the church, the pastor and anyone else who stands in his way.

I wonder just exactly what goes on in the mind of a man who would chuck it all to be president of the United States of Black America! (He would never be mine!)



Blogger sandy said...

I think he quit that church so the media would stop looking at it so closely.
He'll go back to it after the election(win or lose). He is that church and that church is him.
He can quit the church but how is he going to convince anyone in their right mind that he doesn't go along with their doctrine?
He agreed with them for twenty years so what has changed?
Ok, I'll answer that. The church is a real stumbling block for his bid for the White House and he's willing to throw the whole church under the bus as he will do to anything or anyone that gets in his way.

5:27 PM  
Blogger J C said...

"...throw the whole church under the bus..."

Cute! I wonder how his wife covers up the tire tracks on her? 'yuk'

5:59 AM  

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