Friday, June 13, 2008

I Guess the Fat Is In the Fire...

I've just been to these placesin You Tube and I am absolutely amazed that Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee for ANYTHING!

I know..these are the places where most of Obama haters are but, after viewing and hearing the videos of him and what he does and WILL NOT DO, I'm not surprised.

If I did the links right, the first (these) one should take you to the video showing Obama refusing to salute (place his hand over his heart) while our National Anthem is being sung.

Oh, well, you say; so what? It indicates to me that Mr Obama has no respect for America,-he only wants power! What would he do if he actully won the nomination and became President? I shudder to think about it!

The next link (places)wonders why Obama cannot seem to get his story straight and it gives many examples about turn arounds he has made about different issues, in his own words.

All I can say is,-you really need to watch these videos before you decide to make this man the leader of the United States of America!

I dread having only Senator McCain as my Republican nominee but, compared to Senator Obama, McCain is a jewel!



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