Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two Scenarios...

Two Scenarios…

Scenario Number One... Our existence is filled with harsh, loud reports that reverberate down through the halls of our lives; that create quasi aches and pains which become parts of us for a while, that conjure up things that go bump in the night; things that grate on our consciousnesses; things that start us abruptly, although mainly, temporarily and sometimes head us in a certain direction, not necessarily a bad direction but a direction which changes as we realize what is driving us to whatever destination we chance to imagine.

Then the noise subsides, the reports silence and we see that the loudness and reverberations were more a distraction, perhaps a call to arms; a suggestion of things needed to be addressed by us rather than an evil thing to be feared. We understand we need to make a stand.

Scenario Number Two… Our existence is filled with quiet, unassuming gradual things; things subtle like a lightly squeaking door in the blackness of night; things started so long ago that they have gone mainly anonymously for long periods of time as they moved slowly and silently along a chosen path;

chosen by a power so subtle as to go unnoticed by the masses and ignored by so many for so long that they progressed along their chosen path without interruption or challenge until they emerged at some time and place and showed the result of patience, progress and persistence; the Grand Canyon; a huge gash in our existences that challenges any band-aid of good sense and reasonableness, of judgment and cautious investigation. We need to be very careful.

“Duh!” You say’ “What the hell is this all about?” Well, if you have to ax, you shouldn’t be reading this stuff. It’s pretty heavy, even for me, the author.

In all cerealness, though, I think anyone who cares to can recognize the difference in McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden, the numbers one and two scenarios above. At least, this is the way I see them.

So, if you don’t mind a little noise but don’t want to be living in a raging river at the bottom of a deep, dangerous chasm, be ultra sure the Republicans win the upcoming presidential election!

This ain’t no joke!



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