Thursday, April 09, 2009

Whatever Happened To...

This is a little ditty I wrote in July of 1981 in Modesto, Ca.

Whatever happened to bubblegum, water guns, good clean fun;
Whatever happened to cookie crumbs,-from just the other day?

What ever happened to bobby-sox, Goldie Locks and chicken pox?
Whatever happened to building blocks? They fell along the way.

What ever happened to Peggie Sue, Mary Lou and Jenny, too?
Whatever happened to shoo-fly shoo? It's not for me to say.

Whatever happened to radio shows, runny nose, seams in hose?
Whatever happened to bashful beaus? They've gone some other way.

Whatever happened to the swimming hole, lick the bowl and the Father's role?
What ever happened to the willow pole? It's left and gone away.

What ever happened to 'apple core', creaky floor and the cellar door?
What ever happened to the corner store? It's not around today.

What ever happened to 'kick the can', Dangerous Dan and the family klan?
Whatever happened to the Gingerbread Man? He's left and gone away.

What ever happened to common sense, the picket fence and Mother's hints?
And whatever happened to innocence? It fell along the way.

It's a different life today.



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