Saturday, September 24, 2005

Finally, Peace Between Israel and Palestine...

Isn't it wonderful that there is now peace between Israel and Palestine?
"Israel ordered ground forces to the Gaza border Saturday and threatened a "crushing" response after Israeli towns were hit by the first major Hamas rocket barrage from the coastal territory since Israel's pullout two weeks earlier."

And now, with such peace, Israel can concentrate on strengthening it's government!

The Cabinet session comes as Sharon faces a major leadership challenge in his Likud Party this week over the Gaza pullout. Sharon's challenger, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has warned the withdrawal will endanger Israel. The barrage of 39 rockets, with five Israelis hurt, could give him a boost against Sharon.

The end of all the bloodshed is truly a thing of beauty and an encouragment to all people of peace!

The exact number of casualties remained unclear Saturday. Doctors at two Gaza hospitals said they had 15 bodies in their morgues and treated 83 wounded. The Palestinian health ministry counted 17 dead and 140 wounded, with the higher toll possibly due to double registration during the initial chaos.

It looks like the hard work and sacrifice of the Israelis in giving up so much of their country so the Palestinians could have a homelamd has really paid off. Palestine is very thankful for that and understand what Israel did and the sacrifice Israel made for peace.

The Islamic militants had taken center-stage after Israel's withdrawal, holding military-style victory parades, and many Palestinians endorsed the militants' claim that they had driven Israel out by force.

I like the way the Israeli retaliatory strike is worded in this paragraph:
"However, Israel's reprisals caused new hardships for Palestinian civilians, who might blame Hamas"

I think the key word here is, "Reprisals", clearly indicating the first strike was from Palestine to Israel. Why, then, does it indicate self defensive reprisals would present new 'hardships' to the aggressors?

.etc,- etc,- etc- and etc! It just goes on and on.*

Isn't it wonderful to now have peace between the Nation of Israel and the Nation of Palestine? peace? Of course there's peace! Israel forced thousands of its' own people out of their own homes and gave the land to the poor Palestinians just so there could be peace! It wouldn't make sense now for there not to be peace!...Would it?

What a crock! Anyone who thinks there will ever be peace in the world as long as there is Islam, is dreaming. The rest of the world could leave the middle east where most of the Muslim nations are and it wouldn't make a bit of difference. The Muslims are dedicated to world domination, period.
They're worse than the communists ever were because they believe it's alright to blow themselves up as long as some 'infidels' die, too.

Mohammed was a nut case who killed people who dis-agreed with him. That's how he got his religion started and it has never changed and it never will.

Someone prove me wrong. Post something loving and good reflecting any Muslim tenet of this age. That'll be the day!



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