Monday, August 14, 2006

Muslim Islamic Baby Bombs...

There is an interesting commentary in the American Daily publication by By J. Grant Swank Jr. about, among other things, Muslim mothers who use their babies as human bombs to kill 'infidels'. Below are some exerpts from that piece, beginning with his recommendation of what to do as a start of protecting not only this country, but the entire free world.

...All the more, American security forces must investigate every mosque inside this country. Every cleric should be investigated. Better yet, deport all Muslims, including the so-called intelligentsia for there are numerous ones in that category who advocate beheading the non-Muslims. They have been as brainwashed by the cult as the lowliest Islamic.

"This weekend friends of Zaman rallied in support of the arrested men outside the mosque. Mohammed, 24, a fellow student at London Metropolitan University, said: ‘Wahid used to do a lot of community work on his own. He used to go and force people to get off drugs. He used to preach to them about Islam.’

"Another friend of Zaman, who identified himself as Ali, 30, said: ‘Look, this mosque has had no problems with extremism. It’s just a normal mosque.’

"The IT consultant added: ‘These people they have grabbed cannot be the people they really wanted because if British or US intelligence are saying they are capable of bringing planes down then we are very worried. These are very simple people who would not be able to do this.’"

What better face to put on a terrorist than a do-gooder, just like the couple who were to board one of those ten planes. They had a baby with them. Inside the baby bottle was fluid to blow up one of the planes.

How could any security guard have turned away such a twosome with child?

So it is that Allah dresses up harmlessly in order to kill us all off.

The six-month-old baby was going to be a suicide bomber on one of the ten planes targeted by Muslims. Thousands of those in flight would have had their bodies strewn across the ocean.

Abdula Ahmed Ali, 25, and his 23-year-old wife, Cossor, offered their child as human sacrifice to the Koran’s Allah, per Scotland Yard police report via The Daily Telegraph.

That is why now security guards must insist on mothers tasting their babies’ milk at check points before boarding.

It has come to that. The Muslims have taken the planet’s air and land as hostage against the free world. When the free world wakes up to the fact that all Muslims are in Islam world rule, then the free world can quit dallying, stop kissing up to Muslims.

Again: on Sunday morning news reportage telecasts the repeated refrain from politician guests and newsmakers was that America has not done enough to court Muslims. We need to work harder. We need to "understand" in greater depth. We must reach out with cordiality in practical terms in order to win their favor.

Mr Swanks' commentary contains much more and deserves reading by every American who values his or her freedom.

If you think you are safe from the islamic terrorists (that is, every Muslim) you need to rethink things. The Muslims will stop at nothing to lop off our heads. It is far past time to get serious about ridding the free world of Muslim terrorists. We must stand up and speak out against Muslims, all of whom are terrorists toward all non-Muslims.

Please read this commentary. Maybe it will get you to thinking in terms of saving our lives and freedoms, as well as our Lord.



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