Sunday, October 08, 2006

OPEC chief calls for immediate output cut; Group intent on stopping oil price fall...

Here we go again! Remember a year or so ago when the price of oil was 23 bucks a barrel? Then it climbed to almost four times that price without a word about it from our president. Now that it's dropping to around three times what it was, our friend, Saudi Arabia in collusion with our enemies, Venezuela and Iran, is acting to cut production of a million barrels a day to keep the price up to triple of what the fair price was a year ago.

"In addition, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran, key members, are pushing the cartel to meet in Vienna next week to ratify the deal in order to make a public show of unity."
And what will our president do about it?

Probably keep furnishing aid and protection to all the nations who are charging us ridiculous prices for oil! What a disappointment George W. Bush is! I'll be glad when the next election is over and done with. Maybe we will have a leader who isn't a coward.

Yeah, I know, some of you are tired of hearing me whine about George Bush. Well, so am I. Sometimes I think I am just wasting my time worrying about this country and it's do nothing president and it's do nothing Republican congress. Maybe I am wasting my time. But it chaps my ass to see President George W. Bush and his all Republican Congress all just letting the pitiful OPEC nations take advantage of us; listening to the leaders of Venezuela and Iran tell the world what a creep Bush is and what nothing people we in the US are,-and getting not a word in response from President Bush!

And seeing the whole bunch allow Mexican illegals take over this country without much more than token resistance from Bush or congress.

It does chap my ass to see us sending our soldiers to their deaths defending those Muslim devils who in reality, want us along with all Israelis dead.

Where the hell is Ronald Reagan when we need him? Or John F. Kennedy or Harry Truman? George Bush and the Republican Congress and Senate have all proven what cowards they all are. And, to most of you who read this, what cowards we, too, are for not insisting they do what is right! John Kerry looks better all the time! (Bite my tongue!) Signed: Puking in Red Bluff!



Blogger sandy said...

Jim, if you think John flip flop Kerry is looking better all the time then you should check your eyesight.

You're right about one thing. I can't think of any Democrat of today that has the guts of a Truman or a JFK.

If you know of one, write him in when you vote in 2008.

9:30 PM  

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