Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I can't see any way to help the present Republican Party. I have voted Republican and supported this party since 1964 but have never seen such a do-nothing group of people as are the present occupants of the Senate of today!

It was bad enough to learn what a liar our president is (by not enabling drilling in ANWAR as he promised he would during his campaign/ he could do this by Presidential Executive Order without any help from the congress/ and not making use of his veto to stop our upward spiral of national debt)but to see the Senate take such a do-nothing attitude on the illegal immigration issue just about does it for me with the Republican party.

I am dropping my political affiliation with this party. I refuse to support people whose only accpmplishments to date are giving themselves a raise! I won't support the dems either; I see no difference in the two. Eventually there must be someone or some party out there who has the good of our nation at heart and are willing to do what is right for this Nation! (Where's Pat Buchanan when you need a real American to run for Pres?)



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