Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Letter To The Senate...

Below is a copy of an e-mail I sent to every Republican Senator. As the e-mail states, I'll also send a copy to the House of Representatives. Maybe it'll do some good.

My name is James xxxxxxxxx. My wife Donna and I have been voting the Republican ticket forever. Because of the lack of any activity on the illegal immigration problem, the out of sight spending by the Republican Congress and the refusal of Republican Senators to open ANWAR and other places to oil well drilling and your over-all laziness ever since you became majority, we have decided not to vote Republican in the up-coming election.

I have asked our names be dropped from your list of members. I am sending this to all Republican Senators and have one for the members of the House OF Representatives, too. I think I am average and I believe enough people feel like I do to probably allow the Democrats to regain Congress. You people and Mr Bush are all a disgrace to the old Republican Party so the Democrats can be no worse since there is no difference in the two parties. I am posting this in my blog and hope everyone who reads it follows suit. Jim and Donna XXXXXXXXX



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