Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bush Pardons Turkeys Instead of Border Patrolmen......

What a wonderful thing the President did! He pardoned two turkeys that had been scheduled to go in the pot! What a great man Bush is!

What a crock this is!!!

Now the question is, "Does the President of the United States consider two turkeys more important than the two Border Patrolmen who were railroaded into prison for defending our Country from illegal immigrants and drug dealers?

"Two brave U.S. Border Patrol agents are headed to prison for a combined 23 YEARS!

President Bush's comments about the two Turkeys:

"No one's told him about the pardon I'm about to give him," Bush said...

"Flyer's probably wondering where he's going to wind up tomorrow. He's probably thinking he's going to end up on somebody's table..."

"I am granting a full presidential pardon so they can live out their lives as safe as can be."

"I'm happy to report that. . . both have many tomorrows ahead of them," Bush said of the two birds, who had come to the White House from a Missouri turkey farm.

President Bush's Comments About the Arrested Patriotic American Border Patrolmen





Boy, he's all over the board on this one! I couldn't find one comment from Bush about this injustice, this insult to the people who are putting it all on the line to protect this Nation!

Well, what the hell do you expect for the first Muslim Mexican/American President of the United States?

And what's he said about the muslim schools here in the US that teach hate toward Christians and Jews and all other 'infidels'?

2008 can't come too soon for me!



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