Friday, November 10, 2006

Still a Coward...Bush Pledges Bipartisan Cooperation...

George W. Bush-a coward when he had a complete Republican Congress and still the same coward now that the Congress will be Democrat! Nothing will change; He did nothing, kept none of his campaign promises, when he had all the tools he needed; now he has an excuse for doing nothing! Shame on this man!!

The coward who turned against his number one man in Washington, Donald Rumsfeld,shouldn't be expected to do any better than the nothing he has done in the last six years! I wonder who he will desert next!

I don't care that the liberal Democrats got Congress; nothing is different!

Now Al Quaida says they are winning the war in Iraq. Maybe they're right. It won't matter anyhow; we're helping them by not completing the total takeover of that Muslim nation!

I have to wonder why we are helping put together a nation that will, after we leave, do their best to see us all dead or converted to Islam. That's all they're about anyhow and Bush is too stupid to read their bible, the koran, for himself to find the truth. Anybody who can't figure that out for themselves should be killed or converted!

Now, pardon me while I go and puke again in honor of the coward, George W. Bush!



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