Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mississippi man charged in 1964 killings of blacks...

It takes a while but I guess the law always prevails; that is, provided the man charged with the murder of the two men in question really did commit the crime. We'll probably never know for sure but he'll most likely be convicted at any rate since he is white and the murdered men were black and it's been so long that he won't be able to present any kind of an alibi and, as we all know, if a white man is charged with killing a black man, the burden of proof always falls on the accused, instead of the presumption of innocence. Not like the other way around.

Now, when are we going to punish O J Simpson for slaughtering his WHITE WIFE and her WHITE FRIEND like a couple of pigs?

Or Kobe Bryant, for raping a WHITE WOMAN then intimidating her to the point it scared her into dropping the charges?

"The lead defense attorney, Pamela Mackey, promptly put the alleged victim on trial. Six times, Mackey referred to the accuser by name. This was a direct violation of a court order sealing the victim's name..."

Anyone surprised? Not me! I'm a realist and really do know right from wrong and am not afraid to say it!



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