Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Please. Someone, Tell Me...

I want someone to tell me why we let losers like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton act like they count for something?

Bill Clinton, the foulest, raunchiest, stupidest red neck that ever graced the Office of the Presidency; the man with absolutely no morals, no ethical values and no respect for himself or anyone else.
A man who was so foul that he used the Oval Office as his whore house; the man who was receiving a blow job from his whore, Monica Lowenski, as he discussed on the phone the fate of our soldiers in Bosnia; the man who allowed Osama bin Laden to remain free, even after he learned the leader of Al Quaida was planning terrorist actions against this country. However, Clinton did bomb an aspirin factory.

And Jimmy Carter, the most ineffective president in the history of America. During his term of office he caused inflation in this country to increase to the unheard of rate of 27%!
And sent our soldiers to their deaths on a fools errand, an unplanned and ridiculous attempt to free our folks from Iran.

Bill Clinton needs to go back to Arkansas and hang out his shingle reading, "I want it; Come on all ugly you girls, you know you want it, too,- and it ain't sex anyhow!"

...and Carter needs to stick to growing peanuts or whatever the hell he does besides run off at the mouth!

Both of them are doing all they can to hurt this nation by running off at the mouth instead of helping by being quiet. Both of them need to be sent to a deserted island, deserted by everyone except the two of them. (And maybe later, John Kerry, Al Gore and Hilary for entertainment) They all deserve each other!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, if Clinton allowed Osama to go free, what has Bush done? Let's see- takes office and continues to do what Clinton did. Then, gets memo describing potential imminent attack. Does nothing. Worst terrorist attack on our soil since Oklahoma City bombing, and then Bush decides to divert our attention from Osama to Iraq. You must hate Bush!!

11:08 AM  

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