Saturday, February 17, 2007


I was just reading another blogger's post about homosexuals and pondering the definition of the term: ": irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals," and his response to that definition, especially all but 'aversion to,' and it occurred to me how generous most people are with their assessment of the homo' lifestyle.

One term for people who are honest in assessing the deviant lifestyle is, "Homophobic," which indicates they are afraid of homosexuals and, 'bigot,' which implies they are unfairly rude or unfairly discriminatory towards those perverted, obsessive people, homosexuals.

I categorically deny being either of these but must confess I am instead, homo-pukific, i.e., prone to puke when I contemplate where homosexuals put their tongues when they practice their 'love.'

I am a weak person, I suppose, because I could never be a homosexual. Why? Because to me, there is something very uninviting and unappealing in licking the inside wall of a sewer, which is, in essence, what oral-anal sex between homos amounts to.

I believe the height of stupidity is being proud to be a person so sexually perverted that there is nothing too sickening or depraved as to be not practiced by two men. (Or women)

Back to the definition; 'irrational' is a very biased word to use for people who are honest enough to tell the truth about a practice (homosexual sex) that is unequivocally more dangerous to a person's health than anything else that anyone, queer or normal, can even imagine. Eating human excrement is not my idea of love nor is it my idea of an acceptable good health practice. That sexual practice of homo's is responsible more than anything else for the spread of the AID'S VIRUS and HEPATITIS, the two most common diseases of this era.(And the deadliest)

Now, the second most dangerous people on the globe are the people who encourage the filthy and dangerous practice of homosexuality by accepting and making excuses for people who have that perverted obsession.

In case anyone hasn't by now understood my position on homosexuality; If you're a homosexual, don't come to my door and expect to be invited in. It won't happen. And, if you're a homo and will resent it should I criticize you for it, keep it to yourself.

And on the issue of referring to homos as, "Gay," (a beautifully lilting term that I have never used to describe homos and never will) I have know quite a few homosexuals in my life. I'll admit, a few of them were gay but- all of them were queer!



Blogger sandy said...

Amen right back at you. I have to admit, I never thought about some guy licking another guy's anus. It's bad enough to for one guy to suck another guy off or put his penis in another guys butt.

Yucky pew, now that is truly disgusting. Makes me proud to be homophobic or homopukic.

7:27 PM  

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