Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Woman raped before "honor killing": court...

There's a Muslim in Congress and one running for president. This horrible thing that was done to Banaz Mahmod, the girl shown here and mentioned below, could eventually become not only a common occurrence but legal if Barak Obama is elected president and Christians do nothing about all the Muslim terrorists (that includes ALL MUSLIMS) that live in the United States right now. Remember, this 20 year old girl could be your daughter or sister.

LONDON (Reuters) - A Kurdish woman was brutally raped, stamped on and strangled by members of her family and their friends in an "honor killing" carried out at her London home because she had fallen in love with the wrong man.

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was subjected to the 2-1/2 hour ordeal before she was garroted with a bootlace. Her body was stuffed into a suitcase and taken about 100 miles to Birmingham where it was buried in the back garden of a house.

Kurds are a branch of the Sunni Muslims, for the information of those who don't already know.

Crying "WOLF?" That's what they said when someone tried to warn people about an Arab nutcase named Muhammad when he first started killing people to force them to convert to the wacko 'religion' of islam that he thought up in his cave almost 1500 years ago.



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