Thursday, December 13, 2007

Debates..errr..ummm..-Yeah! Why Not!...

I just watched the Democratic Debates from Iowa. Boy, what a show! What a farce! Wait...Let me explain.

I watched the Republican Debate Yesterday and came away wondering how people can think so differently and all be running for the same office.

I also wondered why the moderator was so antagonistic toward the candidates and why it all appeared so personal. It was pretty obvious the candidates, including the moderator, didn't much like each other.

At least I learned something about each person. That helped me to understand why I like Senator/DA Fred Thompson.

I'm a Republican so I'll vote for him!

I, also, learned something about the Democratic candidates, including the moderator. They all think exactly alike, have the same interests, want the same things and all love each other immensely!

The only thing that wasn't right about the Democratic debate is, there was no group hug when it was over! That would have capped it!

If I were a Democrat, I'd vote for all of them! Later...


Blogger sandy said...

I like Fred too. Everybody's looking for the presidential looking candidates (like Romney) and ignoring Fred. Fred is like a hound dog. He might plod along until he gets the right scent but then watch out.

I would rather have someone who doesn't have all the answers at the tip of their tongue. Didn't we get someone with all the answers with Slick Willy?

4:33 PM  

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