Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Father killed daughter for not wearing hijab, her friends say...

Another of our Muslim 'friends'. This is one of the 'good' ones. A loving father. A typical follower of allah, whoever that is. This is what islam is all about, like it or not. What a shame.

"Friends and classmates of a 16-year-old girl (shown above) who police say was murdered by her devout Muslim father in a Toronto suburb told local media Tuesday she was killed for not wearing a hijab."(Muslim head scarf) "She loved clothes," another of her friends, Dominiquia Holmes-Thompson, told the daily Toronto Star. "She just wanted to show her beauty ... She just wanted to dress like us, just like a normal person."

Some years back a Muslim man killed his daughter here in the US for the same thing; wanting to be a regular teenager. What a sin! What a reason to kill your own child! Americans do not need people like this and that means all Muslims!

PS: Muslim stabs wife when daughter becomes Christian

PPSS: Daughter raped by brothers, murdered by mother

It never stops.



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