Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nature At Work-Reclaiming Her Land?...

An awful lot of work and research is being done about hurricanes, how they are formed and why they are formed. What is happening to the south eastern portion of the continent upon which the US sits and why is it happening?
We know, of course, the gulf stream with it's warmer water flows in a north-easterly direction and the warm water contributes to the formation and intensity of the hurricane.
There are other factors as well which contribute to the formation of the earths' greatest power, the hurricane, and we are aware of most of these.

However, could it be that something very simple is being overlooked here? Could it be that what is happening is no mystery at all and is something we must accept and decide to deal with? Can it be we nave no choice?

From the Hadean Era, when there was no life or even a hint of it to the Cenozoic Era, now while we are blogging, there have been thousands of instances of what we consider drastic change. In the first period there was nothing but dust and gasses; there was no earth as we now know it.

With each succeeding period, changes took place and the earth became something else entirely from what it was before.

In the beginning of the land masses we consider as earth, it is believed the world could have been one chunk of land. Others think it was several pieces of land that came together and formed a super-continent.(Rodinia)

Then, they say, it again broke apart and reformed another mega-continent. (Pangea)

The North American continent has been covered with water, covered with ice, joined to Asia, joined to Africa and who knows what else it has been done to.

There have been a ton of climactic changes over the years; from hot to cold and from cold to hot; from wet to dry and dry to wet. It could be one of those is beginning to take place right now, right under our noses.

We might have to face the fact the southern part of the US, along the Gulf Coast will, before many more years, be re-claimed by Ma Nature. If that is what she decides, there will not be much we can do about it.
I have an idea the next few years will clear that up for us, one way or the other.

In the mean time, someone needs to very carefully consider the pros and cons of re-building that entire area.There are ways to check different areas of the world against ours to see if there are changes to weather patterns, in the Bering Strait, for instance, or the North Sea. Weather patterns anywhere affect other weather patterns and there must be some way to check all of them to determine if what is happening here is a part of a world wide change in weather patterns.

If it turns out the weather patterns world wide are indeed correspondingly changing, indicating that the global weather system will be different from the present one, we will be helpless to do anything about it.

This kind of a check could probably be done within a month or so. The rulers of our world (Bush, N O Mayor, La Gov and Sean Penn and Barbara Streisand)could throw out a balloon with this possibility and suggest some temporary lodgings until such an investigation could be made and see what happens citizen-wise. (Penn could distribute circulars from his boat)

To begin rebuilding now and find next year that the same thing will happen again would be the shits.

Well, as has happened many times in the past, maybe someone will read this and decide it has some merit and take credit for it. I hope so. I don't pay taxes anymore but I have friends and relatives who do and we all hate to see our money flushed down the shitter.

Weather: "Everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it." It might be time to start listening to Ma Nature instead of just talking about it.



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