Saturday, November 26, 2005

Try Reading the Koran...

I've been again trying to read the koran. It's easy to read but hard to make any sense of.One time it says one thing then another time it says the opposite.

Note the bold entries for comparison sake. The Cow takes portions of the old testament and makes suggestions from it. Some of them don't make any sense and others only touch on what the true meanings are. It's a mess.

As you read, it becomes more and more obvious that the Koran was written expressly to denigrate Christians and Jews. Read it for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

The Cow

[2.111] And they say: None shall enter the garden (or paradise) except he who is a Jew or a Christian. These are their vain desires. Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful. [2.112] Yes! whoever submits himself entirely to Allah and he is the doer of good (to others) he has his reward from his Lord, and there is no fear for him nor shall he grieve. [2.113] And the Jews say: The Christians do not follow anything (good) and the Christians say: The Jews do not follow anything (good) while they recite the (same) Book. Even thus say those who have no knowledge, like to what they say; so Allah shall judge between them on the day of resurrection in what they differ.

It is pretty obvious the Christians and Jews dis-like each other intensly; at least what we just read indicates that. But don't give up. Keep reading:

[2.120] And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion. Say: Surely Allah's guidance, that is the (true) guidance. And if you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, you shall have no guardian from Allah, nor any helper.

Here it is indicated the Christians and Jews have the same religion: '...their religion'...

Or does it? I'm trying to figure this one out. But, keep going.

The Dinner Table

5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

Well, looks like we're friends again. Or are we? It's hard to figure by reading the Koran.

Frankly I can't see why anyone would want to be a Muslim and be lead by the Koran and follow Islam. Some day I intend to ask a devout Muslim to explain some of this weird book to me.

I especially am confused as to why any black American would choose to follow an ideology of fear and hate such as Islam instead of a religion of love and compassion such as Christianity. It's like going back in time and once again becoming a slave.
If you need to blame someone for the sins of our slave owning ancestors, do it to us instead of Jesus Christ.

For sure, whatever you decide about the Koran, decide it on its' own merits and not by what some imam tells you. The same with the Bible.
I don't see how there can be any comparison.

Well, "I guess it's just whatever turns you on," said the man as he kissed a cow.



Blogger sandy said...

Why is a good Christian man reading the Koran anyway? Don't you find the Bible hard enough to understand?

10:07 AM  
Blogger Revka said...

If you are getting a good intake of the bible, i think it is good to know this other stuff. sometimes you can even use it if you get the chance to share about Jesus to someone.

Actually, it encourages my faith when i learn about religions. My faith isn't a religion, but a relationship with God. That is the difference between christianity and the rest of them.
You have all kinds, and the main difference is that Christianity is all about Jesus dying for our sins so we can be right with God. All we have to do is accept that gift and give our lives to him. Just follow him.. SO, he did the work once and for all, then rose again so it wouldn't have to be done again.
Every religion i have looked at requires something you have to do to get rewards, or go to heaven.
My question to them is always this:
How much more do i have to do before I please God? And does it require just works, or is God holy and how will I stand in my sin before a holy God? how will all my sins be taken care of before I die, unless i die unexpectedly. ALos,If i die unexpectedly before that work is done, then I am screwed.

SO, to heck with all that. I accepted his free gift of salvation, and love him, and desire to follow him. There is no way I will follow man because man is sinful and doesn't have a clue compared to God.

How much 'good works' is enough?

8:35 PM  
Blogger J C said...

I welcome a challenge!

Rebecca, thanks for the comment. My sweet angels name is Rebecca.

8:51 PM  

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