Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where Is An Honest and Fearless Leader Of The USA?...

Where is the nerve, or courage, in this country? Are we so intimidated by what some Americans and some people of other countries might think that we cannot admit the truth that Muslims are not our friends?

Muslims have always known they're not our friends and never have been. Sometimes they pretend they are if that suits their needs.

Arabia needs protection from people who want their oil and Arabia wants our money for their oil so they pretend we are friends, as do all the other nations in OPEC.

History proves otherwise, though. Below are some quotes from people who know/knew the score.

"From the first Arab-Islamic empire of the mid-seventh century to the Ottomans, the last great Muslim empire," writes Karsh, "the story of Islam has been the story of the rise and fall of universal empires and, no less important, of imperialist dreams." With brilliant scholarship, Karsh shows how this dream of a global Islamic empire has inspired every Muslim jihadist, including:

Muhammad: "I was ordered to fight all men until they say 'There is no god but Allah'"
Now as far as I can tell, he indicates he was told that by Allah and since Mohammed was the first Muslim, this has to carry a lot of weight.

Then there was Saladin, the mighty Muslim conquerer/warrior of the 12th century.

Saladin, the 12th-century conqueror: "I shall cross the sea to their islands to pursue them until there remains no one on the face of the earth who does not acknowledge Allah"

I know, you say this was hundreds of years ago and means nothing to modern day Muslims. OK. let's get to the here and now.

Does anyone remember the Ayatollah who took all the people from the American Embassy in the late 70s and kept them captive until Ronald Reagan became president in 1980? Here's what he said about the situation:

Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini: "We will export our revolution throughout the world . . . until the calls 'There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah' are echoed all over the world."

Still a while back, eh? All right, let's get to the here and now. I'm sure you'll recognize this fellow.

Osama bin Laden: "I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah and his prophet Muhammad"

Well, that pretty well got us right up to the present. Now we just need to decide whom we will believe, people like Mr. Bush and others who are afraid they'll offend someone by telling the truth; Muslims are not our friends?

Or will we believe the people who really know what is happening; the Muslims themselves? We'll see.



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