Thursday, February 23, 2006

Our Friends and Allies, Says Bush...

The President maintains that most Muslims and Islamists are our friends; We need only to fear the very small radical element of Islam. I take that to mean grown radical Muslims with an ax to grind.

Well, here is one of those 'radical' Muslims. These kids are taught from tit to graduation to hate Christians and Jews and the Jews must be wiped from the face of the earth! What does that say for us, we (at least, I) who worship the same God as Israel.

How can we criticize and condemn people in this nation who make prostitutes of women for profit and sell child porn and then claim to be friends and allies with people whose women are treated like cattle, not even allowed to show their faces in public? And whose children are taught in public Muslim schools to hate Americans and Jews and to be martyrs to Islam in their holy jihad against all of us while they are on the way to world domination?

How can we trust and accept people who will and do cut off the heads of their own people who choose to convert from Islam to any other religion?

Well, Mr. Bush, your friends, the United Arab Emirates are and do all of the above.This photo is just an example, not only of whom you consider to be radical, but an example of all Muslims! They're not my friends and, Mr President, you need to study your Koran a little more and see just why it was written.

Any honest person can see it is first and foremost a missile against Christians and Jews.

Mr. President, you need to talk to your God and see if He feels it would be better for this Nation, Under God, that you step down and hand the reins to someone not so naive. (and dangerous)



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