Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Something To Chew On...

Did you know that it's illegal for the US Government to compete with private enterprise? The government can regulate things like interstate commerce, airline Flight Controllers and some other things in the nature of public services but the US Government CANNOT COMPETE IN "FOR PROFIT" ENTERPRISES WITH THE PRIVATE SECTOR!

Then how the hell can they allow a Foreign Government, the United Arab Emirates, to compete with American Private Enterprise?

I tell you, people, someone has to talk to Bush about this deal with the UAE! I truly believe he is LOSING IT!!!

Later...(I Hope)


Blogger Mountain Mama said...

I found you at BigWhiteHat's blog.
I believe many of us are concerned about where Pres. Bush is heading. I keep trying to imagine his motives in a positive light. Sometimes it is very difficult. It seems his priorities need to be rearranged.
I continue to pray the Lord will guide him.

9:52 PM  

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