Thursday, February 16, 2006

Visitors From Oklahoma...

We were reluctant to say goodbye to our new friends from Oklahoma, Sandys' cousins, Pat and Celestia, who came to visit Sandy and Vicki and Ernie and Arlene. What a delight they were!

They had been visiting Sandys' sister and her family in southern Calfornia and, since the weather was warm and sunny, decided to come on north and spend some time with Sandy and Vicki and Ernie and Arlene.

They were here for over a week and Donna and I went to Sandys' house for dinner then we all went to Ernie and Arlenes' house for dinner and games (Ernie is Sandys' brother, Celestias' cousin) and then everyone came to our house and we ate together and played games and Ernie and I entertained all with 'songs and witty stories' with guitar and harmonicas. It was great fun.

They had just enough of the rustic Oklahoma charm to make them novel and pleasant to be around. I hope their visit was as pleasant and interesting to them as it was to us. We thank Vicki and Sandy and Ernie and Arlene for allowing Donna and me (and Chico the Wonder dog) to be a part of their visit.



Blogger sandy said...

Here's a liitle aside story for you. Pat chews tobacco and when we were at E & A's, he left his spit cup there.

Vicki and I started laughing just thinking about A coming across it.
Pat wanted to go back, but we told him it was probably found already and not to worry about it.

7:26 PM  

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