Friday, January 13, 2006

The Mouth That Roared...

How much longer are we going to put up with people like Al Sharpton, an obvious proven racist who will go to any lengths to denegrate anyone white who has any connection to the Republican party? After reading his last lying tirade given at Alumni Hall at Dartmouth College in honor of the upcoming Martin Luther King holiday, I had to take a few seconds away from my computer to puke. This man lies with impunity, proving he is not only a racist black but, to make it as bad as it gets, a racist black democrat politician. I added the word, "Politician," because that is what this monkey thinks he is.

"There are other forms of bias in America that we've got to deal with," he said. "There's far too much homophobia in the African-American community ... there's far too much misogyny in the African-American community."

Leave it up to Sharpton to defend a perverted way of life like homosexuality. He is aware that homosexuality is more pervasive among blacks than whites.

And he mentions misonygy in the black community. He neglects to add the crimes against black women and the neglect of and abuse of black women are by black men, fathers and husbands and boy friends in the same community! 'oops'

You wanta know how smart this guy and the people around him think they are? Sharpton was ordained a minister at the age of ten. I want someone to try to explain to me how any ten year old can understand the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ well enough to be ordained to teach adults religion! What a crock!

Why is the Drudge Report publicizing the rantings of someone as screwed up as Al Sharpton and completely ignoring someone as enlightened as Jan Ireland.

How refreshing it is to read what Ms Ireland has to say after suffering through the negatism of Al Sharpton. In her article on the Black History Month, she mentions people like Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell among others.

She points out how black politicians can make racist remarks with impunity

Florida Democrat Representative Corinne Brown told Bush official Roger Noriega that Haiti's current problems were "because of all you white men" and that "you guys all look the same" when Noriega pointed out that he was Mexican-American. Brown likely will suffer no consequences for her words as Senator Trent Lott, a white conservative, did for his.

while others doing and saying much less pay a premium for it both politically and personally.

What I wonder is why are racists such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson quoted widely just about everytime they open their mouths while people like Jan Ireland are never even mentioned, much less quoted?

If the Drudge Reports of the world just don't think good people are worth talking about, then maybe they should be considered, not just sources of news, but National Enquirer type publications.

On the other hand, if people like the Sowells and Armstrongs and Irelands of the world just aren't coming out in enough numbers to defend our leaders and common citizens of this nation, people who are black but don't notice it, people who are white but don't differentiate between colors; people who, in short, love freedom and are willing to be up front about their feelings and beliefs, then maybe we need to encourage them to do so.

There have been in the not too distant past too many instances of racially discriminatory type crimes that have been excused and ignored.
OJ Simpson comes to mind as one and Kobe Bryant and Jesse Jackson are others. These people have broken laws and been allowed to not only get away with them but are honored because of them.

If you need something to chuckle about, look up Carol Mosely Brauns' escapades. Or take time to check out the Black Coalitions.(There's a bunch of them)
Or Ebony Mag or the NAACP or the Nation of Islam or any other Black only organization. Then, if you want a real laugh, check out all the 'White Only" organizations. Believe me, you'll get a laugh out of that!

I know, there are white criminals also who aren't punished for their crimes but not many of them are lionized for them.

I believe the Al Sharptons of the world have outlived their usefulness and the Drudge Reporters of the world should think about putting their reports of them on the 'round' file instead of giving them celebrity status.

Someone call JC Watts and let's get an honest opinion from a man who's proud of who he is! And Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas might like to chime in on the issue of equality. Let's not forget Armstrong Williams, a top Conservative talk show host among other things. (And another Aquarian)

Now if we can get through a day without hearing anything more from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or any other of that ilk, I'll be satisfied; at least for now!



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