Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The US is Exporting Its Violence to Canada...

The Canadian Prime Minister and the Mayor of Toronto claim the rise in crime and gun related deaths in Canada is the fault of the United States of America. Maybe they're right. I think we should take a minute or two to check that claim out then begin building a fence along the entire border between the US of A and the British protectorate of Canada. That would stop the illegal flow of guns from the salacious and fanciful nation of the U S of A into the peaceful and progressive country of Canada.

The US has always been a problem for Canada. During WWII, WWI, the French/American War, the American Civil War, the Spanish/American War, the Charge at San Juan Hill, the Alamo War, the Korean War, the VeitNam War, the Mafioso War of NYC, the Gulf War and the Second Gulf War, America has exported all the cowards of America to Canada against their will.(Canadas' and the Cowards' will) (Cassius Clay chose to go to jail rather than go to Canada. One point for him.)

I, for one, am ashamed of the way we Americans have taken advantage of the poor Canadians. I mean, it's bad enough they have to come to this country to get medical attention and operations and stuff like that, but then having to admit known felons with illegal guns into their country against their will is just ludicrous, to say the least.

And, remember 54-40 or fight! How terrible it was that we wouldn't even let Canada have part of this country awhile back.

Open Letter to Canada:

Dear Mr Prime Minister and Mayor of Toronto, please accept our sine-cera (sincere=without wax) apologies for allowing you to welcome the dregs of our society into your country. Please accept our assurance that, the next time you want emigrees with more going for them than your own citizens, instead of allowing the worst of us to come to Canada, we'll send the message on to Mexico, to their Presidente Fox.

Right now we are starting a fence along the entire Mexican border to keep the ugly Americans from sneaking into Mexico. We assure you that next we'll start the fence along the Canadian border and build either a very long bridge or dig a really long tunnel directly from Mexico to Canada so no one wanting to come into or out of Mexico or Canada will be tainted by having to go through the vicious nation of the united States of America.

Signed, the completely un-official Ambassadors of this fine nation, Jimbo u_no_hoo, Donna u_no_hoo and Chico the Wonder Dog.

Please RSVP at your convenience. (In either French or English or doggie)



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