Friday, December 30, 2005

Which Is the Murderer...Makes You Wonder, Doesn't It...

The doctors who abort babies or the men who abort the doctors who abort babies. I have to admit, it makes me wonder.(But not much)

On one hand we have a couple of guys who planned and carried out murders. They consider them to be executions, rather than murders.

"Paul Hill,(This was in August of 2003) who is to be executed in two weeks for the shotgun slayings of an abortion doctor and his bodyguard in Pensacola, says he's at peace with himself and would probably kill again."

Hill was by no means a hardened criminal when he planned this killing.

"Hill, a one-time Presbyterian minister, has said God led him to shoot Dr. John Britton, 69, and his driver, James Barrett, 74, as they arrived at a Pensacola abortion clinic in July 1994.

As you can see, he was a Minister of the Christian faith, hardly someone you'd expect to commit a murder. He didn't consider the killing a murder. He thought( rightly so) that killing the doctor whom he considered to be a murderer, was warranted; an act that would save many lives.

And, when asked if he were sorry for what he did, he said he wasn't.

"If I were put in similar circumstances, I believe I would act similarly,'' Hill said in a letter to The Herald from his Florida State Prison cell.

Dave Kopp is another man who "executed" a baby killer. That is, of course, what these two men believe; they executed a murderer. And they're in no way alone in that belief.

Dave Kopp alienated himself from many pro-lifers by passing on having a jury trial in favor of a one day trial by the judge. Many of his supporters believe he let them down by not airing the trial so as to show the world what butchers the abortion doctors are.

However, many believe he chose this venue to protect the identities of persons who helped him while he was on the run. That would make him a double good guy to many people.

Well, whether you believe Kopp and Hill are murderers or the doctors and their helpers are murderers, you're entitled to your opinion. Now let's look at a few facts.

Hill killed two people, the abortion doctor and his chauffeur and Kopp killed one guy, an abortion doctor.

Let's see, now; I couldn't find out how many babies the abortion doctors killed but it was a slug of them. And since life begins at conception, (at least that's what God says)((actually, God told Jeremiah He knew him even before he was formed in the womb and, if you can't believe God, who can you believe?)) that would make the doctors much bigger killers than Hill and Kopp.

One thing, if Rowe/v/Wade is overturned, will all the abortion doctors and the men and women who *killed their babies be prosecuted for murder? Or will those people be excused because, at that time killing their babies was legal?

And, if so, will Hill be brought back alive (I am assuming he was executed) and will Kopp be let out of jail and have the thanks of the court for helping uphold the law by killing a killer?

Of course, this all sounds stupid but not anymore so than people who think killing their children is all right.

You know, what's really stupid is us getting to a point in our society where someones opinion (RowevWade) can determine who can live and who can die.

And please, let's be honest, there is no provision in our Constitution that gives any woman the right to kill her child, no matter what the reason she has for wanting to. If you don't like kids, admit it and keep your legs together. That's all that is necessary.

And remember, girls, Men can't get pregnant!



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