Monday, February 13, 2006

How Long Will It Take...

How long will it take for the people of this nation to understand we are in a holy war? The Muslims tried before, many times, with their 'crusades' to conquer the world. The only reason the entire world is not Muslim now is because a bunch of Christians finally took up arms and stopped them at the gates of Greece. That is what has to happen now.

All this bullshit about the "good" Muslims and the "radical" Muslims is just exactly that; bullshit! Anyone who follows Islam wants the complete destruction of Christians and Jews.(Israelis) That is what Islam was invented by the demented Arab, Mohammed, for.

The beginning of Islam was a baptism of blood with the deaths of anyone who opposed Mohammeds' Muslim armies. Mohammed targeted Christians first to convert to Islam. Most of the North African Muslim nations were Christians before allah the benevolent had them killed and converted.

We, the stupid people of the United States, go out of our way to help people when there is a natural disaster such as the tsunami that struck the Muslim nations and killed so many people. (Never mind they celebrated when Muslim terrorists killed three thousand innocent people on 9-11 of 2001.)

We just don't seem to grasp the fact that those very people we helped are still praying to whatever the so called god, allah is for our destruction.

There have been wars and killings of Christians and Jews since the 6th or 7th century (I'm always a little vague on the date-so maybe you'll look it up for yourself) when a foul and vicious Arab thought up Islam to rationalize the killing Christians and Jews.

I read some more of the Koran a couple of days ago. What a bunch of nonsense. One has only to read a line or two to see it's more like 'following the yellow brick road' than following an eternal and loving creator.

The reaction to a bunch of cartoons should be enough to show most intelligent people that Muslims are crazy stupid people with only the destruction of infidels on their minds. If there were an "Allah" he would probably applaud as completely accurate whoever drew the bomb turban on the head of Mohammed. Like, what's wrong with depicting the truth. The most effective Muslim mode now of reducing the ranks of Christians and Jews (and now any other Muslim who is in the vicinity) is to push the button on the converted tv remote control box and blow up everyone.

A lot of Muslims are going to come out of the woodworks now and try to convince the world they are good guys. Don't you believe it! When those people publicly denounce the Koran and use its'pages to start girl scout campfires, then you can believe them!

I had a newly acquired friend call me a "Campbellite" a couple of days ago. It made me proud. Alexander Campbell brought the Church of Christ out of the darkness a lifetime ago with the slogan, " "Where the Scriptures speak, we speak; where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent." (His Daddy was a Presbyterian)

This slogan describes a religion to live by. The Christian Religion is a study in love and generosity; in giving and forgiveness and a lot of other good things you can't find in the Koran. Any of you who doubt this, my opinion, please read the Koran for yourselves. If you won't do that to prove I am wrong,then you have no choice except to receive what I say as gospel.

In other words, "Either put up or shut up!"..before it's too late...



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