Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fatah-Hamas-...Middle East Keystone Cops...

What a laugh! This would be funny if it weren't so serious!

OK! First there is a Free Democratic Election in Palestine. (Remember now, this is the second Free Democratic Election held since Palestine acquired it's own land with it's own President and decided on a course that would secure peace to the lands of the Arabs and the Israelis)

There are two predominant political parties. One is the relatively moderate party already in power, the Fatah, and the other is the radical militant party dedicated to the complete destruction of Israel, the Hamas Party.

Remember now, Palestine and Israel have decided to bury the hatchet now since the most radically radical Islamic terrorist, Yasser Arafat, the 'sort of' Martyr, passed on to claim his 72 virgins for a job well done and there has been an election where the comparatively passive Palestinian, Mahmoud Abbas, was elected.

(Now I'll make up some figures to accentuate the positive,- or negative,- whichever the case might be.)

Now that Israel and Palestine are pals and Israel has given a large portion of its real estate to the Arabs by forcing their own people out of their homes so Arabs could have them, the two -'chuckle'- nations are supposed to 'get along' with each other. -'What a laugh...' So far, so good, right?

All right...we had our election and since the Fatah represents 90 percent of the Palestinian population and is already in power, and Hamas is considered a stinking terrorist organization by both Israel and the Palestinian Fatah Party, the good guys, and only represents a crummy 10 percent of the Palestinian population, the Fatah party lead by the good guy, Mahmoud Abbas, wins by a landslide,- right? 'oops'...WRONG!!

It looks like, out of the 936,654 men of voting age of the Fatah party, only 16 voted!

And out of the 2,334 men of voting age of the Hamas Party, 740,112 voted!

So, there you have it!

The largest party of this free democratic election lost by a landslide by not showing up to vote!

And the smallest by far political party,the Hamas Party lead by Khaled Mashaal of Syria, won this free democratic election hands down by showing up in droves and voting! (371.1 times apiece)
So now the President of the Hamas in Syria is also the President of Hamas in Palestine!...Whoaa!!!...Where's the border line between Texas and Oklahoma!!??

I tell you, this is Democracy in action! Now we will surely have peace in the land; a piece at a time that is!

*You can watch this scenario play out in real time or you can wait for the book to come out some time next month!*



Blogger sandy said...

Gosh, maybe if Israel gave up the West Bank also, they will have peace. What do you think?

You should send a link to this post to "sara". She left a comment on you other blog.

11:59 AM  
Blogger J C said...

Yes, I read the nice comment from Sara and went over to her blog and left a comment. I hope she likes it.

2:49 PM  

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