Monday, April 03, 2006

Prosecute Me?...Whatta' They Thinkin'?...

Can you believe those people! To think they don't want me to go around the security metal detector even though they don't know who I am because I'm not wearing my ID tag like I'm supposed to!

It's not because I slugged a cop, it's just because I'm black that they are thinking of prosecuting me. Even though all this bullshit is my fault doesn't mean I'm to blame for any of it!

Yeah, I know, if a white woman had been ordered to stop, she would have stopped and apologized for not having on her ID card. Well, do they think I'm the same as a white woman?

Forget it! I'm black; I've always been black; I'll always be black and nothing I do wrong will ever be my fault!

I mean, I'm up for some of that slave money and that tells it all! I ain't changin' for no one, period! Screw 'em all! I'll hold 'em for ya'!



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