Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MSNBC Drops Imus Simulcast Amid Furor...

Looks like Imus has had it for describing on one of his broadcasts some black women athletes as, "Nappy headed ho's." He should know better. Using a politically in-correct term to describe people, especially black or other minority or homosexual people, these days is a no-no. Everyone knows that.(Except,'Honkey')

And it doesn't matter how such a remark is made, in what context or jokingly or anything else. You just don't do it. Imus should have known better.

Then there is Kobe Bryant, the black man who forcibally raped a white woman then terrorized her into dropping the complaint; you remember, the man who is now on special television appearance spots for the Lakers basketball team on a regular basis. "There goes Kobe," you hear the announcer say. That's all I hear because I won't ever watch the Lakers as long as they think making a buck is more important than seeing that a rapist gets justice.

And we can't forget OJ Simpson, the black rich and famous football star and commercial actor, the man who, according to all the evidence in the world, the man who was known by everyone in the world, even his own mother, to be guilty of slaughtering his white ex-wife and her boy friend like a couple of pigs,a man who is now living the life of a retired millionaire and refuses to even pay what he was ordered by the courts in a civil suit that found him guilty of the double murders, to pay to the family of his victims. Oh, well.

Poor old Mike Tyson. Mike, next time marry a white woman. Then there'll be no problem with you losing your temper.

Imus, you should have known better! Shame!!



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