Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Two Americas...Who Will Win?-Who Will Lose?...

We, the citizens of the United States of America, are the product of the American Civil War of the 1860s. At least, most of us are. Some came over from Russia and Asia before some of us got here, some others came later, some from Europe and others from Asia or Africa. Many came first to Ellis Island, NY, and were checked there to determine if they were qualified to be American citizens.

The people who qualified were required to learn about our Constitution, our laws and customs and how to speak our language, English. They were tested on what they learned and were not allowed to become citizens until they proved themselves qualified. And they were proud to be Americans and the rest of us, for the most part, were proud of them for making the effort it took to be Americans. We were, indeed, a melting pot, melting other customs and ways into our unique American culture pot pie. It was wonderful! Those were, indeed, the good old days!

This country has been a very war-like nation, always, it seems, in one conflict or another with whomever is available at any given time.
Before WWII, the US practiced a certain degree of isolationism. We distanced ourselves from other nations, particularly ones over the seas and far away. We were self-reliant and very independent and we were proud of it. We made our own steel at the greatest steel mills in the world!

We drilled our own oil and made our own gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel!
We harvested our own trees for enough lumber to build America's homes!
We dug our own coal to heat our homes and use as fuel for manufacturing companies that made products 'MADE IN AMERICA!'
We grew enough fruits and vegetables to feed ourselves and much of the rest of the world!
We grew more cotton than the rest of the world combined (I bet) and made our own clothes!

And we were proud of all of it! We bragged about it! We let the world know that we had whatever we needed to live good right here at home in the good old United States of America; and have some left over for our needy friends!

We were proud! We were religious, mostly Christian, the ethic this nation was based on. No one had to be; most of us just were because we were thankful to our Saviour for his blessings and proud to thank him, either in our hearts or aloud!

We were proud of our flag, Old Glory, and happy to start each day with a prayer and, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America..."

Then there is the other America...

You know, the healthy, lazy people who are always on welfare;

The people who have chosen to be minorities, rather than full blooded Americans,i.e.,people who don't know if they are African or American (African-Americans);
and people who aren't sure whether they are Mexicans or Americans (Mexican-Americans);

The illegal immigrants who are insisting they are allowed to break the law because they already did it by sneaking into this country and are here to stay whether America likes it or not;

The homosexual perverts who think their filthy sexual practices are "normal" even though they are the greatest health hazard in this country,eg; the greatest avenue for the spread of AIDS and hepatitus there is;

The greatest threat to this nation and the world, Islam, a religion that was started by Mahammad, an Arab maniac who, with his army, killed anyone in his path who wouldn't agree to become a Muslim and convert to Islam, the religion that was invented by him primarily to kill or convert all Jews and Christians. (But everyone, irregardless of their religious preference-even athiests, is fair game)

Then there are the rest of the Democrats, people who value winning at all costs when dealing with any other political party, even if it kills all of us; you know, like Nancy Pelosi.

I could go on and on but I won't. I think you get the picture. If you think you are not of one of these different Americas, you'd better think again; everyone is.

You blacks who are proud enough of your country to be 'Americans' instead of 'African Americans' (or Mexican-Americans)and you perverts who know you're perverted and have the guts to admit it;
You liberals who support the government of this nation, even though you disagree with some of it's policies; all of you are part of the one America. The rest, of the other America. The question is, which one?
Are you for freedom or against freedom?
Are you for honor or against honor?
Do you want America to prosper and grow or do you not really give a shit as long as you get yours?

Everyone will have to make a choice; either for freedom with Patriotic Americans, the people who work and make an honest living, who pray to a just God, who do not lust after the other person's property, or America number two:

The people who take what they can get for nothing and who won't fight for the freedom of our nation; the people who want God dead, to be replaced by greed and avarice and ENSLAVED BY ISLAM!



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