Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pakistan offers to exhume Benazir Bhutto...

This is about the lady in Pakistan who, as I understand it, wanted that nation to be a democracy and who was killed because of that. Evidently, her friends and followers believe she was shot and killed and the Pakistani officials say she bumped her head on the edge of the sun roof of the car she was riding in when the terrorist attack happened. An American official says he has no reason to doubt the Pakistani government's version of the incident. (Big surprise, that is..sure)

Actually, this is what almost always happens when anyone from any of the Muslim countries wants to start a democracy. Jordan, for instance, was a mostly Christian democratic nation not too many years ago. Them the Muslims, led by Syria, decided they wanted the country so they, for the most part, took over. And Jordan's friend, the United States, did nothing to help Jordan's leaders.

Oh, well,-what the's not that important, I guess, since America is sending Americans over there to die for those people who want us dead. I mean, who knew Muslims ALL hated the great Satan, the United States of America! I'm just happy I am too old to go 'over there' and help Islam kill Americans and Christians and finish taking over the world! Like I said, "Oh, well..."



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