Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baseball Discontinued In US of A Until...

Baseball as we know it has been ordered to cease and desist inside the borders of this country until certain human rights violations issues are resolved.

It has been discovered that some baseball teams are constitutionally and socially and politically and ideologically and religiously and racially and every other 'ly'- illegal! (possibly illegal-'ly')

The Attorneys General of the US, SA, Africa, Haiti, Puerto Rico and the UN have informed this reporter that a gross violation of every known regulatorial sportial statute has been violated and all baseball games will be suspended until that gross violation is repaired.

Pres. G.W.B.: "Hear Ye, Hear Ye; let it be known to all men and anyone else of y'all having any interest in this issue that, as of this second, 8:25 and 10 seconds...oops...11 seconds...oops 12sec...(oh, screw it!)- as of this hour all games will be suspended and all past winners and losers will be declared unwound until such time as it is determined that all BaseBall teams, professional and amateur,
local and Nationwide,
male and female,
boy and girl,
young and old,
et al, contain at least one (1) or more members of the Black (African-American- colored and etc) race.

This order will stand until the violation is un-violated or the BaseBall Season ends or there is a newly elected President of either (or all) the US or SA or Haiti or Puerto Rico or the UN.(period)

signed: Geoffrey Wilfred Bonetti, Pres of the United Savantworks of Alameda.

Thank God for dedicated men who check out this kind of shit and bring it to our attention before it's too late!



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