Monday, October 10, 2005

World To Unite?...Could Be...

While perusing another blog I came across a suggestion that makes a lot of sense to me. He says why not dig another canal, this time across Nicaragua instead of Panama. He says the Panama Canal is too small. I agree.

Or instead of Nicaragua, maybe Costa Rica. Either place would suffice.

Then, as the extremely fertile and actively minded person I am, I pulled up a map of the world and began to do what I do second best; think.

I'm looking at the North American Continent, the South American continent and, also, the European, Asian and African continents and thinking, "What about all these places is most outstanding?" I think that is a reasonable query. (and not a bad question)(Australia is OK just as it is)

Then it occurred to me; there are many nations that are very capable of being self sustaining; ie, able to survive as independent by self governing and trade and commerce with other countries.

By the same token, there are many countries which, without continuous and substantial aid from other countries, could not even survive, much less be completely independent.

Here I will use two particular nations as examples of what I am about to suggest considering. And, to be completely aboveboard, I intend to slightly exaggerate in certain areas.I leave it to you to take the time (if, in fact, you decide to be the least bit interested in what I am about to exposit) to look at your own map and come to your own conclusion as to the merit of this 'suggestion'.

The nations are the United States and Mexico.

The United States is, without a close second, the richest and most self sustaining nation on Earth. In my opinion, Mexico is a very poor and non-self sustaining nation.

Why, then, should not the United States incorporate Mexico into its' boundries and make the whole mess, the United States? Who would be worse off?

Maybe the present citizens of the US would be worse off, at least for a period of time. Eventually the situation would level itself out and we would return to normal. (as normal as we ever are) Mexico would add to our mineral and oil and gas reserves (and chili peppers, etc) and that would be an asset.

Without a doubt, the Mexicans would be immediately better off by sharing the bounty of this Nation as it now is. They seem to be doing that to an extent already, at least the ones who don't get caught crossing the river.

Present day Americans would no longer need a visa to visit their Baja and lower US areas for their vacations. And I would have thousands of new creeks in which to prospect and pan and sluice for specks of gold! Mexicans would learn about things like flush toilets and Americans could re-learn things like how to build sod houses.

American women could re-learn how to appear demure by fluttering their eyes modestly and 40% of the Mexican women who live and work along the border with the now US of A would learn a new profession that didn't require them to remove their clothing.

Like I said, it is up to you to have an opinion of your own. I don't necessarily advocate such a thing but put it out only as an idea worth discussing.

Looking at the continent of Africa especially was what caused this idea to come to mind. The history of most of those 'third world' nations makes this appear to be an idea worth considering. A few African nations appear to be almost self sustaining but most are wards of the world court, so to speak, on which they depend for sustinance.(Primarily the US)

History tells us that many of the third world nations were much richer and better off when they were under the rule of some other nation; eg, the British colonial countries. I will leave it to you whether or not to research those past British colonies.

There would need to be a world court whose task it would be to determine which nations would be required to merge with which. If this were to be a law, care would have to be given to determine an actual need and the several countries involved would not necessarily have a recourse except to comply with the order of the World Court to merge.

Of course, we would never need to worry about becoming part of Canada! (although the reverse might ne possible...'chuckle')

Well, there you have it; something to think about. I invite all comments, just watch your language. And before you have a chance to, I accuse myself of being just a little bit goofy at times.

However, I'm not sure this is, in fact, one of those times!



Blogger bigwhitehat said...

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7:21 AM  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

A new Manifest Destiny!

This is happening on a corporate level.

I once worked for BANDAG. Their factory in Abilene TX and their Mexican factory were the top two competitors for best cost/product ratio. The Mexicans stayed neck and neck with the Texans which both eclipsed all other factories worldwide. The best thing was most of the Mexican product shipped south. This saved millions in shipping.

You make a point. These corrupt governments in poor countries are obsolete.

The major thing is that we export capitalism and good principles for government. But the idea of just annexing some of our neighbors does sound appealing.

The best place for a canal would be Nicaragua. It has the fewest natural barriers. There was a huge debate about 100 years ago. But it may be more practical to use Rail and Modular. I haven’t seen a cost benefit analysis. The canal issue was a subject in my college economics class a few years back. I’m sure it is in today’s classes as well.

Funny, but the problem is the Nicaraguan government. Imagine that. Just think of how prosperous their nation could be! Sort of makes your point. Doesn’t it?

7:24 AM  
Blogger J C said...

I ran a few bandags on one of my trucks. They wore very well.

The one aspect of the annexation of other, poorer states would be the concept that it might take a one world government (which I strongly oppose) to accomplish it.

The Panama canal issue was, in my opinion, a fiasco. It took President Carter and, later, Clinton to eliminate most of the security the US enjoyed with the Canal treaty by giving back the canal to Panama. And as thanks, the Panamanians recruited China to run the entry and egress sites. Who knew. We'd have to make different, more permanent arrangements with a country if we built another canal.

Maybe if this country ever finishes fighting within itself, it'll take care of things that need to be done, like the interstate highway system that should have been expanded to four lanes in each direction twenty years ago. Actually, two separate highways would be more effective; one for autos and one for truck traffic.

8:14 AM  

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