Saturday, October 01, 2005

Now We're In For It...

Looks like Otis is headed for California. A tropical depression, or a category one hurricane is at the bottom of Baja California, headed North East. Soon San Diego and Los Angeles will be under water, and the people there won't re-build. I've had a few calls from people down there wanting to buy my mobile home. I ask them why they want it but they won't say.

One guy offered me $700,000 for it if something happens. I asked him what would have to happen to make a 40,000 buck place worth that much and he wouldn't say.
I asked him if he meant to move it to LA or SD and he said no, he meant to leave it right here and live in it; Maybe.

I told him it was only worth 40Gs but he said he didn't care , he wanted it anyway. I asked him if he'd pay the tax on the money. He said he'd be glad to. I asked him why he wants mine especially and he said, "Because."

Well, hell, that's good enough for me. I might just sell it to him.

I don't feel good about it, though. What if the hurricane misses there and he didn't really need my place. I'd sure feel guilty about taking 700,000 bucks, tax free, for my little trailer. I don't know if I could or not.

I told the guy (what's his name again) I'd have to wait and see if Otis was, in fact, going to strike SD and LA before I could make up my mind.

Hold on just a moment; It's the phone....uuummm...eeehhh..yeah..yeah...OK, I guess so.

That was the guy. He says he doesn't need my place after all. Otis has swerved away from his 74,000,000 dollar house on Baja. He says maybe next time, would I still be interested? I say, Maybe. He askes why I won't give him a straight answer. I say, "Because." He says, "Touche'."(a little Frenchie lingo here)

You ever pray for a hurricane? Me neither, till now. I can't believe it. I coulda' moved to Redding.



Blogger sandy said...

Give him my number and he can have my place for $600,000. You can have a $200,000 finders fee.

10:01 PM  
Blogger bigwhitehat said...

You ask too many questions.

9:21 AM  

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