Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, It Has Started...

" MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Seven people are in custody after a sweep by law enforcement authorities in connection with an alleged plot against targets that may have included the Sears Tower, officials told CNN on Thursday."

The cops caught a bunch of people who are said to have been planning a terrorist attack on, possibly, the Sears Tower. You can read about it at this link.

Something about it that is really scary, though, is, in an earlier piece in the Drudge Report, the article said that one of the terrorists was an African American Muslim. Can it be that the American Islam Nation is now becoming members of the Al Quaida? Maybe someone needs to have a talk with Louis Ferrakhan. I wouldn't be surprised. Those people gave up a perfectly good God to follow Louis and the islam line of bull shit. They'll follow him straight to Hell.

And why did they pull that report and replace it with one that doesn't mention the African American US citizen? It's spooky.

I wonder if they at the Nation of Islam will have enough guts to go public if that is what is happening? I hope it's not true. They're already in line to find out how much hotter it is in Hell than here at home.



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