Monday, June 12, 2006

General Caldwell Discussing el-Zarqawi...

I was just watching a news program on Fox News of a news conference of General Caldwell discussing, among other things, the death of the terrorist leader, el-Zarqawi. One reporter asked a question that had to do with how the death of the terrorist leader would affect the stability of Iraq, Baghdad in particular.

To paraphrase; "How will this affect Iraq and the Iraqi people in respect to the US leaving and the Iraqis controlling the country?"
His answer was one of the best I have heard. He said,(in my words)"That will depend on the Iraqi policeforce and militarys' actions to control the insurgents and the Iraqi people deciding they have had enough of the insurgents and changing their attitudes about their country and how it is run."

When you think about that statement, what jumps out from it is "the Iraqi people deciding they have had enough of the insurgents and changing their attitudes about their country and how it is run."

That doesn't sound like much to us but for people who have no determination of the course of things but are ruled by what their leaders determine is their interpretation of their Muslim law, it's huge.

The question is how long it will take to re-educate a people to not only understand the meaning of but to actually implement democratic freedom, something about which they have little conception.

Folks, if that is what it will take to bring our people home, you military dependents better just pack your bags and go over there if you want to be with your loved ones.

Yeah, I know: Poo-Poo on me! Maybe so but I recall two other wars where our kids were to come home 'right after the war.' Korea and Vietnam. Sure they'll come home 'right after the war.' 'oops'...Les see, now...the Korean War has now been going on for 56 years. That must be right because our kids aren't home yet. And just forget Vietnam. And the bill for Iraq ,et al, has just topped a trillion bucks! (if money means anything to you)

Make up your own mind but think about it and check things out before you do. It's easy (and a cop-out) to just parrot other people who say, "If you want the troops to come home right now, you're un-patriotic and don't support them!" or some other ridiculous bull shit. Our Muslim friends in Iraq and Afghanistan are never going to be 'just like us' just because we want them to, even though they would be better off. Think about it.



Blogger Gayle said...

With all due respect, I don't believe that if you want the troops to come home right now that you are truly supporting them. What you don't seem to realize is that unless you are supporting their effort, you are not supporting them.

I don't doubt that you love America. I'm sure you are patriotic, but somehow you seem to be missing the point. First, let me tell you I personally know three soldiers in the Army who would disagree with what you have said here. They all say that if you don't support their effort, you harm their effort. They are very angry at our MSM for the way they've been covering Iraq.

If we were to pull our soldiers out all the hard work and accomplishments (and their are many accomplishments in spite of what the MSM tells you) will be for naught. The insurgency will pick up by leaps and bounds and before you know it there will be another dictator ruling Iraq. The Iraqi people put their lives on the line and went out and voted in numbers percentagewise that put American voters to shame. They want to be free. Is America the only country where citizens have a right to basic human dignity and rights? Not in my mind it isn't. What our troops are doing in Iraq is what they are trained for. They aren't whining about "coming home." They volunteered. We don't have a draft, remember? They weren't forced to join up. Try supporting them in what they do, and thanking them for it. They will appreciate that way more than all this hollering about bringing them home before their job is done.

My husband was in the Army for 20 years. We went through Vietnam together. I truly know what I am talking about, and hope you understand I mean no disrespect, I am just hoping that you will seriously consider what I am telling you, because I swear to God that it is the truth.


6:27 AM  
Blogger J C said...

Gayle, you're entitled to your opinion and I'm sure you're sincere but you need to re-think the situation. We went over there to do a stated job, that is, remove Saddam and make sure there are no weapons of mass destruction. That's what we went there to do. There was no question about what the job was. The job we said we were going to do has been done. It's finished.

"They want to be free. Is America the only country where citizens have a right to basic human dignity and rights?"

No but Iraq is a Muslim nation and they can never be free like us as long as Islam rules them and they'll never be our friends. Their Koran forbids it.

You need to think about that each time you read of or hear of another American soldier being killed. No one believes in the war on terrorism more than I do but we're not waging it in Iraq now. The war there now is between the different sects fighting for control of that country. That's why they are killing each other now instead of just us, something they didn't do before we went in and removed Saddam.

Let me ask you three questions and I want you to think about it and give me an straight answer. When will we be finished in Iraq? What has to happen for us to win and come home? How long should we stay, irregardless?

I think it is a bit naive to think all the soldiers in Iraq want to stay and are glad they're there defending the US from terrorism. There was very little in Iraq that had anything to do with the terrorist attack on the US. If you want our kids to fight where most of the terrorists came from, send them to Saudia Arabia.That's where most of the terrorists came from.

And of those three you know who are glad they are there, there are probably three thousand who are wondering why they are not back home and wondering what the next reason will be that keeps them there. If it's not one thing, it'll be something else as long as Bush runs things.

We've been in Korea for 56 years and lost fifty four thousand-plus-soldiers through the years and when will we win that one?

Franklin Roosevelt had the right idea. He sent our boys in to be killed only when he had no choice. George Bush did that with Afghanistan. Then he stopped thinking about us and started thinking about himself.

Korea was Harry Trumans ego trip, Viet Nam was Lyndon Johnsons ego trip and Iraq is George Bushs' ego trip. He knew why we needed to go there; he just can't decide when to come back. What you see us fighting there now will NEVER END! Not as long as there is a Muslim alive.

Thanks for your comment.

9:51 AM  

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